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We would be delighted to explain how we can help your students flourish from a lifelong life skills and financial perspective. To find out more on how to book a Keep the Cash Day for your school, please call us now on 0151 601 3029, email [email protected]  or fill in the Online Enquiry form. Let us know how many students you have and when you would like the session to take place, to ensure availability on your preferred date(s).

“Inspirational, aspirational and a no-brainer”

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For further information, or to ask any question please call or text Sean McGuire on 07584 085363, or Adam Yates on 07813 166931.

As a school, we have been thrilled by the impact that Keep the Cash has had on our pupils. The strong connection with real life scenarios, and the need to develop financially sustainable lifestyles, drew our pupils in and kept them hooked. Feedback from the pupils has been overwhelmingly positive, so much so that parents have contacted the school to tell us that their children couldn't stop talking about the experience! We were pleased to see that pupils who sometimes struggle to see the value of school were highly motivated by the fresh approach. Keep the Cash has been such a wonderful experience that we intend to continue the working relationship and integrate the days as part of our curriculum enrichment."

Keep the Cash is a stimulating introduction to the financial implications of communal living, getting a job and the world of work, with teachers as well as pupils finding that they learn something new.

A much needed insight into the world of the money management. Delivered by expert and motivational leaders in a realistic interesting and interactive way. They covered everything that I wish I had known at 18 on the subject of personal finance.

If you haven’t yet booked ‘Keep the Cash’ then book it as this is the best Enterprise Day we have ever had.

Many thanks for your excellent work with our students last week at University Academy. Although we had a great many varied activities yours was the stand-out event of the week with so many students and staff appreciating the valuable lessons they learned. I look forward to you contributing in a similar fashion to the event next year.

There has been a high level of positive feedback from Year 10. I am really pleased by how much they got out of day.

Keep the Cash was really well received and there is still a buzz in the air ten days later.

It was a thoroughly rewarding day where students were introduced to the key concepts and financial challenges that they will face in adult life. This was done in a fun way and and proved very enlightening for all involved.

I was really impressed by the way it engages students and gets to the heart of the issues that every young person will face when they start to build their own independent lives.

Keep the Cash is the best thing I’ve seen for improving functional maths skills, collaborative working, communication skills and teaching pupils to analyse and evaluate situations and reflect effectively on their findings.

Keep the Cash helps students to take a long hard look at where money comes from and how best to spend it. I went along to see what pupils made of it. The project succeeded way beyond my expectations.

Keep the Cash was a real success. The students were engaged from the start and really enjoyed the practical experience of learning to manage their cash. Great day, great project, great staff equalled great success!

Keep the Cash! truly challenged our learners to consider the realities of everyday financial management. I’m sure we will invite the team back again next year.

Keep the Cash! was really well received and there is still a buzz in the air ten days later.

Our students really had a fabulous time and learned some powerful lessons. Staff also commented on well things had gone and how much they enjoyed supporting the event.

Keep the Cash! is the most effective financial literacy product currently available to education providers.

From start to finish the girls were focused and motivated to get involved in all aspects of the day. It contributed to so many areas of development it is hard to know where to start. They worked collaboratively, showed determination to succeed and gain jobs, built up resilience when they found out they owed money to the bank, and more importantly realised how far money actually goes and what they need to spend their money on. The girls loved it, they finally realised the difficult jobs their families have in balancing the books. The work that Adam and Donal did with the girls made the game come to life, and they got so much out of the day.