Keep the Cash compels students to think their way through a set of problems , all based on real life experiences, which help them to see and to understand the consequences of the choices they make.

Keep the Cash allows students to establish a clear link between what they choose to do, and the outcomes of those choices, in a way that no other programme can offer.

Keep the Cash is designed to show students that they have the tools at their disposal to build sustainable and independent adult lives, as the active citizens of tomorrow.

Keep the Cash is a full day of a highly developed and educationally robust learning experience, led by a team of specialist tutors, for which we provide:
  • A rigorously road tested teaching programme that can fit into your off curriculum and deep learning day programme;
  • All the kit and materials for the session;
  • Learning outcomes that will equip your students with life-long benefits;
  • Coverage of all the key financial skills including credit, interest, debt management, cash flow, forecasting and budgeting;
  • The opportunity for your students to discover the link between what they aspire to and what they need to do to achieve those aspirations;
  • A highly interactive learning experience as your students work in teams, in a competitive atmosphere, which adds to the excitement and fun of the day;
  • A fostering environment in which students are encouraged and supported to make their own decisions.

The skills that students develop while taking part in Keep the Cash provide the foundation for their life-long relationship with finance. Keep the Cash gets them to start thinking critically about their their future financial arrangements and plans, encouraging them to active rather than passive in their own financial lives. Keep the Cash clearly demonstrates to students the inter-connectedness of education, employment, and personal finance in their lives as tax paying citizens.

To find out more about Keep the Cash, please complete the enquiry form or call us on 0151 601 3029 or email [email protected] .

For further information, or to ask any question please call or text Sean McGuire on 07584 085363, or Adam Yates on 07813 166931.