Keep the Cash is delivered as either a full day programme for whole/half year groups, or as tailored carousel sessions for individual classes.

Your students are placed in real-life scenarios and asked to overcome real-life, month-by-month problems, all with the aim of enhancing their personal development and broadening their skills for life.

Keep the Cash has been rigorously road tested in a wide range of schools throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland and is described by examination body Edexcel as, “inspirational, aspirational, future-proof and a no-brainer.”

For each session, we arrive prior to the start of your timetabled day in order to set up Keep the Cash, providing all of the kit needed for your students to take part in an exciting and challenging session. For more information or to book your Keep the Cash day call us on: 07584 085363 or 07813 166931.

For more information or to book your Keep the Cash day call us on: 07584 085363 or 07813 166931

Each full day session of Keep the Cash starts by explaining the structure of the day to your students. They are provided with a Keep the Cash workbook and other materials, which set out the various tasks they must complete throughout the course of the day.

Working collaboratively in teams, your students start with some initial tasks designed to get them thinking about their futures and their aspirations. They are then ready to begin the Keep the Cash simulation, where each team works together as a household of independent young adults who have finished full time education, and are preparing for the world of work.

Keep the Cash takes students through the simulation on a month by month basis, mirroring the actual processes of the adult world and the regular cycle of salary and bills. Each team has to manage their money, deal with debt, make other spending and saving choices, write individual CVs, apply for jobs, attend interviews and build their futures. In doing so, students are focused on the key criteria listed within the Ofsted assessments and the Gatsby Benchmarks for CIAG.

As the day progresses, students put their skills into practice as they work together to overcome the different problems we set them. They use the knowledge they have gathered during the earlier part of the day to improve their performance as they work towards their chosen goals.

In the final part of the session we review the work of the group, looking again at key learning topics and objectives, before announcing which team has succeeded in building the most financially sustainable lifestyle.

Keep the Cash gives students a clear understanding of the link between what they aspire to and what they need to do to make those aspirations a reality. The programme is highly interactive and the collaborative nature that comes from working in teams creates a fantastic sense of camaraderie among your students. The competitive aspect of the day also adds to the sense of drama and excitement.

Carousel sessions offer greater flexibility to schools unable to bring together a whole year group in one space for an off-curriculum day.

They deliver a more intensive version of the one day programme, working with individual classes to develop their understanding of the key skills they need to become financially sustainable, independent young adults.

As with the one day programme, students are made aware of the four key economic relationships of adult life as they progress through the monthly cycle of paying bills and generating income.

When you book carousel sessions, we work with you to ensure the delivery fits within your curriculum aims and your intended timetable.

We would be delighted to explain how we can help your students flourish from a lifelong life skills and financial perspective.

To find out more on how to book a Keep the Cash session for your school, please call us now on 0151 601 3029, or email [email protected]. Let us know how many students you have and when you would like the session to take place, to ensure availability on your preferred date(s).