Helping 6th Formers with a set of skills that will be of life-long benefit to them

Keep the Cash! will equip your 6th form students with a set of skills that will be of life-long benefit to them as they enter the adult world, and begin their journey to build independent lives and successful careers.

keep-the-cash-Teaches-personal-Financial-LiteracyWe have delivered Keep the Cash! in schools up and down the country for the last five years or so, and the reaction of teachers and students to Keep the Cash! can be seen here  – which is why Edexcel describe Keep the Cash! as “inspirational, aspirational and future-proof”.

Having spent so long working with students to develop and improve Keep the Cash! we are now able to offer a version of the programme which has been designed specifically for 6th form students.

‘If you haven’t yet booked Keep the Cash! then book it as this is the best….’

Mrs Jacqui Chamberlain. Aylesford School and Sixth Form College

This version of Keep the Cash! benefits from all the practical experience we have gained in getting to grips with the fundamental problem in financial education for young people, which is how to ensure that the lessons young adults learn actually fit the circumstances they will soon face in the adult world, and, most important of all, that those lessons are of practical help in managing their way through the tough problems they are bound to encounter.

For 6th form students there is an immediacy to this, which makes it even more crucial that they receive specialist preparation which will help them to meet the challenges they will all face in building a solvent and independent life in the UK today.

Our programme of Keep the Cash! is based on interactive learning in a highly experiential style, which is most suitable for 6th form students.

Whatever levels of academic ability your students possess, they will all have to manage the same problems when they leave school and go to either University or enter the world of work.
  • How to get a job and generate money to fund their lives?
  • How to manage that money and plan for all the things they need it to fund for them from paying day- to – day bills to saving for a mortgage or a pension?
  • How to manage their relationships with the wide range of institutions they will have to work with – banks, insurance companies, pension providers, the tax authorities?
  • How to afford somewhere to live when mortgages are harder to get for young adults and rents are rising rapidly?

Unless we equip them with an understanding of these problems, and some solid skills to manage their way through them, we cannot say that we have done all we can to set them on the right path.

Core concepts like interest and credit are all put into a practical context in the course of a day of Keep the Cash!, and you will see your students not only getting to grips with these concepts, but using them to their own advantage, as they work in teams to deal with the broad range of challenges we present them with. It is a hugely stimulating experience, and one that our many schools have been happy to assess and praise in their comments on Keep the Cash!

The programme lasts for one day, and we can deliver it to a whole year group, but smaller classes of every size are also welcome. We are now taking bookings for the rest of this academic year for our 6th form Keep the Cash!, so it is important to reserve your date now, given that a lot of schools and colleges will be looking at pretty similar timings.

‘Keep the Cash! was a real success. The students were engaged from the start…. Great day, great project, great staff equalled great success!’

Madalitso Mkoloma, Director of Well-Being, The Crest Academies, Brent

10% Early Bird Discount

Our one day programme costs £1750 + VAT, with a discount of 10% for any bookings we receive before the Easter break 2017 as any bookings we receive by that date will help us to plan our delivery schedule.

sean-mcguire-founder-keep-the-cashIf you have any questions you can get in touch by calling me, Sean McGuire on: 0151 601 3029, or via email [email protected]





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