The Resolution Foundation, a respected think tank, forecasts that of the 14 million or so Britons aged between 20 – 35, half will still be renting in their 40s, while one third of them could still be renting when they claim their pensions!

This report is only the latest example of a growing body of evidence that vividly illustrate the huge challenges that face young people in the UK today. Rents are rising rapidly, mortgages are unattainable for young people in general, the job market is full of short term contracts, zero hours contracts and minimum and low wage jobs, and yet we do almost nothing to prepare our young people to face these daunting problems.

Our mission at Keep the Cash is to continue to work with schools and colleges to deliver our programme to as many young people as possible, to help them to begin their journey into adult life, with the skills and knowledge they require to navigate their way through these complex issues. To learn more about what we do, and the impact our work has on students and teachers alike, please go to