It’s hard not to empathize with young people today. Not only have they had to endure a global pandemic during their developmental years, but the world that has been left us afterwards is not always easy to parse. The rise of the gig economy and zero hour contracts seems matched by countless firms hiring without necessarily offering reasonable recompense for the work they expect. Additionally, higher education fees are the most expensive they have ever been, despite worthwhile loan repayment terms implemented by Student Finance bodies.

Finding career opportunities in tumultuous times can seem like a tough ask, then. In this post, we’ll discuss a few tips those looking to start their career, or revert from a current direction and begin anew, could adopt.

After all, learning to land on our feet and chase opportunities during tumultuous times can be a great way to develop personal discipline and make the best of a trying situation. If you can nail that, then the future will seem ever-brighter going forward:

Find Reliable Training Opportunities

A career opportunity is easier to find after you have made good on particular training and have become more qualified. Educational credentials will help bolster your applications while also giving you the experience needed to become more attractive to those looking for new recruits. With care training online, for instance, you will have shown your dedication to learning a vital skill and managing your expectations in a sensitive field. It will also show a proactive willingness to build a career, which employers will look on kindly. This way, you’ll do everything you can to build the foundations or pivot your career path as necessary.

Pursue Placements & Work Shadowing

Placements and work shadowing opportunities can help you identify if a given field is for you, while also giving you the chance to ingratiate yourself with a team for a temporary period, possibly leading to a job. If your educational institution offers this, or your workplace permits it, then jump on these opportunities with everything you have. It can help diversify your knowledge regarding a certain field while also helping you develop a competent and informed perspective regarding its relevance and effect on your career.

Reinforce Your Resume

Bolstering your resume with additional accreditations and courses can go a long way in helping you seem like more of a dynamic hire. For instance, accepting public speaking training as part of your current job to round off your skills, or opting to learn first aid can be two fantastic examples that show your willingness to improve as a professional even in skills slightly outside of your current purview. This can also help you keep your work interesting and your presence as professionally stimulating and worth learning about. In that respect, you’re more likely to look at the opportunities surrounding you instead of remaining hyper-focused in a given area.

With this advice, we hope you can find career opportunities even during tumultuous and trying times.


Image via Pexels – CC0 License